CS2 Permier Boost Gets Back on Track: First Update of 2024 Fixes Glitches and Grenades

Hey Counter-Strike fans! After a quiet holiday season, CS2 Premier Boost kicks off 2024 with a patch focused on smoothing out those rough edges and making your maps pop. Let’s dissect the highlights:

UI Cleanup

No more waiting ages for that map image to load! CS2 tackles a visual delay plaguing the Play menu. Equipment snafus are also history, with bugs around visible-but-unequippable items and unsaved loadout changes banished. Finally, expect snappier character updates on the main menu.

CS2 Premier Boost
steampowered UI

Demo De-bug

Demos are getting the TLC they deserve, with fixes for wonky visuals and animation playback issues. CSTV enthusiasts will be happy to hear broadcasting gets a boost too.

Sticker Symmetry

Community sticker wear values now better match their CS:GO counterparts, ensuring consistency across the franchise.

steampowered Sticker

Map Tweaks

Grenade enthusiasts, rejoice! Ancient’s B site gets simplified grenade collisions on the corner trims and central pillar, no more bouncing surprises. Anubis sees clipping addressed on the A site steps between Walkway and Heaven, eliminating frustration for both sides.

CS2 Premier Boost
steampowered Maps

This patch may not be a revolution, but it’s a welcome step towards a smoother, more consistent CS2 Premier Boost experience. Grab your weapon of choice, dive back in, and enjoy the improved gameplay!

And that’s a wrap on the first CS2 update of 2024! From UI fixes to map tweaks, this patch lays the groundwork for a smoother, more satisfying experience. No more waiting to admire your chosen map, no more phantom equipment haunting your loadout, and grenades on Ancient and Anubis just got a whole lot more predictable.

This may not be a complete overhaul, but it’s a welcome step towards the polished CS2 future we all crave. So grab your Deagle, hop back into the fray, and remember – whispers of a new Operation abound, so keep your eyes peeled! Now get out there and show those bots (or rivals) who’s boss! Let’s make 2024 the year CS2 Premier Boost truly shines.

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye out for the next update – rumors swirl about a new Operation coming soon!

What are your thoughts on the first CS2 update of 2024? Share your excitement and feedback in the comments below!

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