At our company, we prioritize delivering the level of service our clients expect and deserve. To achieve this, we actively seek individuals who demonstrate professionalism, and a strong work ethic.

Job Application Form
  • Global Elite or Faceit lvl 10
  • Well-mannered and friendly with customers
  • Well-mannered and friendly with players in-game
  • Do not mind working on lower ranked orders
  • Do not mind playing with customers in a group
  • Prepared to work (play) at least 5 hours a day
  • Have a lesson plan or outline prepared
  • Available to coach at least 5 hours a week
  • Proficient in the language you plan on teaching in

The percentage amount you receive will be based on your performance.

Trial Period
50 Completed Orders
90 Completed Orders
130 Completed Orders

Join our inclusive community and earn while enjoying support along the way. We invite you to apply, but kindly review the requirements attentively to ensure eligibility. Regrettably, applications that do not meet the specified criteria cannot be considered. Please note that spammy or unprofessional submissions will be automatically rejected.