Mastering the Art of Obscuration: Best Smoke Line-Ups in Counter-Strike 2

CS2 is a game of precision and strategy, and no other utility showcases this better than the smoke grenade. Smoke grenades are a vital tool for controlling sightlines, executing sneaky maneuvers, and disrupting your opponents’ plans. We will be exploring some of the best and most useful smokes in CS2 Premier Boost. By mastering these line-ups, you’ll become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Dust II – Mid to B Smoke

Dust II is a classic map, and controlling the mid area can be a game-changer. To obscure the vision of snipers and defenders on the B bombsite, use this smoke line-up. Stand at the back of T-Spawn, aim just above the second bar on the wall, and throw your smoke. This precise throw will provide a safe passage for your team to move from mid to B.

Mirage – Jungle Smoke

Mirage is known for its tricky angles and close-quarters combat. One crucial area to control is the A bombsite, and smoking off Jungle is a key element of executing a successful A site take. Stand in the middle of A site, aim at the top corner of the ticket booth, and release your smoke. This well-practiced throw will obstruct the vision of any defenders in Jungle.

Inferno – Banana Smoke

Banana control is essential on Inferno, and a well-placed smoke can make the difference. To smoke off Banana, stand near the wall outside of T-Stairs, aim at the top corner of the sandbags. This line-up will block the vision of any defenders looking to hold Banana.

Nuke – Secret Stairs Smoke

Nuke is a map that relies on vertical gameplay, and taking control of Secret stairs can give you a significant advantage. To obscure the vision of defenders on Secret stairs, stand near the T roof, aim at the middle of the red crane, and throw your smoke. This smoke line-up is a valuable asset when planning to execute a strategy on the B bombsite.

CS2 PREMIER BOOST: Best Smoke Line-Ups

Overpass – A Long Smoke

A Long control on Overpass is crucial for dominating the A bombsite. To smoke off the A Long area, stand near the fence, aim at the top right corner of the yellow scaffolding, and release your smoke. This line-up provides valuable cover for your team to push towards A Long and take control of the bombsite.

Smoke grenades are invaluable in CS2, and understanding the best line-ups can give you a significant advantage in controlling the battlefield. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, practicing these smoke line-ups will help you navigate the intricate strategies of CS2 Premier Boost with confidence and precision. Master these obscuring tools, and watch as your ability to control sightlines and execute maneuvers in CS2 reaches a whole new level.

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