The Legacy: Exploring the AWP Dragon Lore’s Rich CS2 History

Certain weapon skins have transcended the virtual battlefield to become legends. One such iconic skin is the AWP Dragon Lore, a masterpiece that boasts a rich history and a price tag that reflects its rarity and prestige.

The Birth of AWP Dragon Lore:

Appearance History:

The AWP | Dragon Lore made its debut on July 1, 2014, introduced as part of The Cobblestone Collection during Operation Breakout. Its distinctive design immediately captivated the CS2 community.

Pattern Description:

The rifle features an olive-painted body adorned with a fierce dragon breathing fire, complemented by intricate Celtic ornaments. The scope, barrel, and buttstock showcase a unique black-and-green checkered pattern, adding to its allure.

Effect of Float:

With a Float Value range of 0.00 to 0.70, the Dragon Lore can be found in various conditions. Notably, abrasions emerge in Minimal Wear, intensifying across the weapon in higher wear conditions.

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AWP Dragon Lore’s Rich CS2 History

Pattern Difference:

Unlike some skins, the Dragon maintains its appearance regardless of the pattern index, ensuring a consistent aesthetic across all versions.

Skin Features:

Categorized as Covert, the Lore stands among the game’s most expensive skins, offering a souvenir option for collectors.

Skin Popularity:

While highly sought after, it’s scarcity in gameplay is attributed to its steep price, positioning it as a symbol of exclusivity.

The Economy of Rarity:

Condition – Price:

Factory New$10,364.00
Minimal Wear$7,741.20
Souvenir Factory New$439,011.53
Souvenir Minimal Wear$236,380.32
Souvenir Field-Tested$50,486.34
Souvenir Well-WornNo offers
Souvenir Battle-Scarred$41,714.17

Skin Details:

TypeSniper Rifle
FinishDragon Lore
Finish StyleCustom Paint Job
Finish Catalog344
ReleasedJuly 1st, 2014
Update“Operation Breakout”


Factory New1.7K
Minimal Wear1.1K
Souvenir Factory New12
Souvenir Minimal Wear17
Souvenir Field-Tested47
Souvenir Well-Worn1
Souvenir Battle-Scarred11

The AWP Dragon Lore isn’t just a skin; it’s a symbol of CS2 history. A fusion of artistry and rarity that has captured the imagination of players worldwide. As its legacy continues, the Dragon Lore remains a beacon of exclusivity and an enduring testament to the evolving landscape of virtual economies within the gaming realm.

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