Howl’s Contraband Status in CS2

Within the expansive universe of CS2, certain skins hold stories that transcend pixels and code. The M4A4 Howl, once a vibrant creation, now stands as a Contraband skin, shrouded in controversy and rarity. Let’s unravel the tale behind the M4A4 Howl’s Contraband status in CS2.

The Genesis

Story of M4A4 Howl:

The saga begins with Auzzii and sic, two users who presented a captivating red and black assault rifle concept on the Steam Workshop. Valve embraced the design, incorporating it into the Huntsman collection. Little did they know, the narrative would soon take an unexpected turn.

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Original Howl

Unveiling the Truth:

CanisAlbus, the true creator of the art titled “Aggression,” was blindsided to find his work on a virtual assault rifle without consent. Expressing his dismay on DeviantArt, he remarked, “Great way to ruin my day, thank you for that.”

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Original artwork

The Fallout:

Valve swiftly responded, banning both Auzzii and sic from Steam for life. Sic, responsible for adapting others’ designs, faced repercussions beyond the Howl. Although he apologized to CanisAlbus, Valve’s decision was unwavering.

Copyright Issues:

Valve modified the skin to eliminate copyright concerns, classifying Howl as Contraband. This makes obtaining it solely through player transactions, limiting its availability as it cannot be crafted or obtained as a drop.

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New Howl

Contraband Rarity


Factory New$5,487.30
Minimal Wear$3,608.75
Battle-ScarredNot possible
StatTrak Factory New$11,958.06
StatTrak Minimal Wear$8,007.03
StatTrak Field-Tested$6,402.16
StatTrak Well-Worn$6,992.41
StatTrak Battle-ScarredNot possible

The M4A4 Howl, now a Contraband, epitomizes a complex tale of artistic misappropriation and the consequences that followed. Its rarity, both in origin and in-game, solidifies its status as one of CS2’s most enigmatic and sought-after skins. As the virtual marketplace evolves, the M4A4 Howl remains a testament to the intricate interplay between creativity, ownership, and the virtual world of CS2.

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