In a groundbreaking announcement, Argentine football legend Lionel Messi partners with esports organization KRÜ, as revealed by founder Sergio Agüero on the team’s official Twitter account.

Messi’s Esports Venture

Messi’s foray into the gaming world signifies a unique intersection of sports and esports. As a partner in KRÜ, he adds star power and global appeal, transcending traditional boundaries and venturing into the dynamic realm of competitive gaming.

KRÜ’s CS2 Ambitions

Despite not having invested in Counter-Strike thus far, KRÜ unveils bold plans to debut in the game in 2024. Agüero, detailing the strategy, envisions both a main roster and an academy team, emphasizing the inclusion of talented Argentine players.

A Previous Endeavor

KRÜ’s journey into esports had a previous chapter when they attempted to enter the scene by making an offer for the former Paquetá lineup, as reported by in September. However, the deal fell through, leading the team to opt for a collaboration with RED Canids.

The Fusion of Football and Esports

The collaboration between Messi and KRÜ marks an exciting convergence of football and esports cultures. Messi’s influence and KRÜ’s determination create an intriguing synergy, promising a unique narrative as they prepare to step into the competitive CS2 arena.

Anticipation for 2024

As fans eagerly await KRÜ’s entry into Counter-Strike in 2024, the esports community buzzes with excitement. The prospect of Messi’s involvement adds an extra layer of anticipation, making KRÜ’s debut a significant event in the evolving landscape of esports.


Lionel Messi’s partnership with KRÜ opens a new chapter in both his career and the esports organization’s journey. With plans to enter CS2 in 2024, KRÜ’s ambitions align with the growing intersection of sports and gaming. As Messi dives into this dynamic realm, the global esports community eagerly anticipates the impact of this high-profile collaboration.

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