Breaking Boundaries: Perfect World Unveils Shanghai Major for CS2

In a historic move, Perfect World announces Shanghai as the host for CS2’s second Major of ever. The revelation, made during the CS Asia Championships, marks China’s inaugural stint in hosting Valve-supported Majors since their inception in 2013.

The Milestone Announcement:

Unveiling the Venue:

Perfect World’s declaration during the CS Asia Championships’ final day shook the gaming community with excitement. The choice of Shanghai for the Major underscores China’s growing significance in the world of Counter-Strike.

A First for China:

This Major, slated for December 2024, signifies a pivotal moment as China steps into the limelight as the host of one of CS’s most prestigious events. The country’s esports scene, already robust, is set to reach new heights with the Major’s arrival.

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Perfect World Unveils Shanghai Major for CS2

Valve’s Plan and Speculations

Insights from July

Valve’s reported aim to hold the 2024 Major in Shanghai gained traction in July. Speculations hinted at RMR qualifiers from October 26 to November 13, followed by the Major itself from December 1 to 15. While Perfect World’s release lacked specific dates, the anticipation for this groundbreaking event soared.

Unconfirmed Dates

The absence of exact dates in Perfect World’s press release sparked curiosity, leaving fans eager for further details. As the community awaits the final schedule, the prospect of witnessing top-tier CS2 action in Shanghai amplifies the anticipation.

Perfect World’s announcement heralds a new era for CS2 Majors, with Shanghai as the stage for the game’s second Major of 2024. As the global esports community turns its gaze to China, the excitement builds for what promises to be a memorable and groundbreaking event in the heart of Shanghai.

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