PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen RMR’s Start in Febuary

The PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen on the horizon. Our first glimpse of the teams vying for a spot in this prestigious tournament has emerged. Valve’s recent update to the Regional Standings has shed light on the initial invites for the closed qualifiers. The stage is set for what promises to be an intense and thrilling qualification process.

RMR Dates


Europe leads the pack with 16 direct invites to the closed qualifiers, split into two eight-team showdowns. Meanwhile, N. America and S. America each boast eight invites for their respective closed qualifiers, fostering an atmosphere of fierce competition and regional pride.

The intricacies of the invites reveal a strategic approach, with a careful distribution across the diverse regions. In the Asian domain, the Oceanic, Chinese, East Asian, and Middle Eastern regions have all received their allocations.

EU RMR Teams

Open and Closed Qualifiers

The journey to the PGL Major Copenhagen unfolds in two phases. First the open qualifiers serve as the gateway, allowing numerous teams to enter the fray. Then the closed qualifiers beckon for those who’ve secured direct invites or successfully navigated through the preliminary rounds. This multifaceted approach ensures a dynamic mix of emerging talents and established powerhouses.

The significance of these initial invites cannot be overstated. They serve as a testament to a team’s performance and consistency throughout the year. It reflects their standing within their respective regions. For some, it’s a validation of their hard work and dedication, while for others, it’s a chance to prove their mettle against the best in the business.

EU Closed Qualifier Teams

However, the landscape is ever-shifting, and these invites are subject to change. The competitive nature of CS2 means that teams are in a perpetual state of adaptation, and surprises are always in store. As the tournament draws closer, anticipation mounts, and the CS2 community eagerly awaits the final roster of teams that will lock horns in the closed qualifiers.

The PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen stands as a testament to the unifying power of esports, bringing together talent from around the world on a singular stage. It’s not just about the competition; it’s about the stories, the rivalries, and the moments that etch themselves into the collective memory of fans and players alike.

Road to the Major

As the qualification process unfolds, the CS2 community braces itself for a rollercoaster of emotions, exhilarating plays, and unforeseen upsets. The road to the Major is paved with challenges, but it’s this very journey that cements the legacy of teams and defines the spirit of the game.

So, let the countdown begin. The unveiling of the initial invites ignites an electrifying journey toward the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen. Brace yourselves for the clash of titans, the emergence of new contenders, and the unrivaled spectacle that only CS2 can deliver.

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